Monday, September 29, 2014

Client Portfolio: on Linkedin

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Your Local Art is an online art gallery that features the work of Ottawa based artists that can be printed on demand for customers wishing to purchase artist prints.

This web based gallery was looking to increase their online presence as well as provide an opportunity to connect with current and prospective ones they have met from networking events.

The owner of Your Local Art, Susan Fisheralso needed to transform her existing Linkedin profile to transition her into her new role as an art business owner while also recognizing her extensive previous business background.

A social media plan was created to not only update Susan's Linkedin profile but also create Linkedin pages for Your Local Art and her own online gallery. From there we moved forward from what was existing to where we wanted, Gallery Susan Fisher and Susan's personal profile to be. With this road map complete, we ventured forward.

The first step was Susan's Linkedin profile.  We gathered together the information from her current profile, resume (CV) and an in-person interview to add some context.  From there we went through a couple of drafts to get the profile wording just right with the right flavour of artistry but also recognizing her extensive business experience.

The next step was developing two company biographies, one for Gallery Susan Fisher and one for The biographies needed to describe what each company does as well as be multi-functional for use elsewhere on the Internet in the future.  This meant the biographies needed to be descriptive enough for the reader to understand yet short enough to not go over character limits in Linkedin or other sites where the biography would be posted.

Next in the Linkedin process was to put all the pieces together by updating Susan Fisher's profile and creating each company page. The results were positively received by both the client and her Linkedin connections.

The final step was to provide training articles on finding connections on LinkedIn as well as increase recommendations and testimonials.  These help develop LinkedIn's greatest assets for companies
  • Act as a choice confirmation (testimonials and recommendations) to prospective clients. 
  • Provide a central rolodex / address book of professionals to draw upon by connections. 
Linkedin, when used correctly, is a powerful tool for companies to use to network, gain referrals and as a choice confirmation for those researching the company before purchasing.  Your Local Art is now in an excellent position to increase the number of connections and gain testimonials to help them shine online.

Finally, Suddcorp Solutions and Your Local Art sat down together ro do a Social Media Audit of Your Local Art's Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages.  We reviewed what Your Local Art was doing well in terms of social media and how they could improve. A complete written report was provided for the client to review and act upon over the coming weeks.  Be sure to watch out for new interesting blog posting ideas and social media content over the coming weeks as Your Local Art rolls these suggestions out.

The newly refreshed Linkedin and Social Media Audit results will help Your Local Art to improve it's presence online and connect with their customers. Attractive Linkedin profiles for both Susan and her companies were just what was needed.  For those searching out local artists Your Local Art will now appear online as a professional looking company managed by a caring artist with an extensive business background.  By exuding this professional artist owned company theme, the Linkedin profiles not only advertise the company but also act as a customer choice confirmation as well.

Suddcorp Solutions is proud to work on this exciting Linkedin profile project. If you need help with Linkedin or developing a customized social media plan to expand your online presence, contact us today!

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