Monday, May 26, 2014

Now Open!

Last fall, a dream was ignited when I was asked a  couple of questions:

1.  "Do you know anything about social media?"


2. "Do you know how I get my Facebook and Twitter started?" 

The answer to that was "yes and here is how you to do it..."

This past year I had spoken to an inspirational friend who relayed she was tired of picking up the phone only to be asked by some big budget marketing agency looking to do her company's social media marketing. No real details were ever given by the marketing genius on the other end of the line.  Just the annoying car salesmanship of the guy on the other end saying they will market their business for some obscene amount on a monthly basis thank you very much. As a small business owner and working with many small business neighbours on a daily basis, there was a lack of trust of these marketing agencies in: a) affordability and b) trusting their brand in someone else's hands.

These two issues got me thinking, business owners know they want to be on social media somehow but don't know where to start and the marketing agencies calling slimy telemarketer style out of the blue.  This led me to a Kevin O'Leary moment:

"There has to be a better way" - Kevin O'Leary, CBC's Dragon's Den

Back in 2011 and 2012, I worked at Curb Signs Inc. which prints and installs signs on behalf of major developers like Minto and Heathwood Homes in the Toronto area while also being affordable to small and medium sized businesses.  The foundation of that family owned company was the belief in honesty, integrity and providing quality services at affordable rates.  As well, the company is known for providing a customized easy to understand signed experience for each customer instead of the run of the standardized packages that other firms were offering.

Curb Signs' style of delivering products and services in the printing industry is the basis of the dream for bringing Suddcorp Solutions to life in the field of social media.

Suddcorp Solutions will provide a customized plan for each client based on budget and client needs in simple to understand step by step process.  The process starts with a member of Suddcorp Solutions attending the client's business location and meeting with the owner in order to get to a feel for the business' offerings and ambiance on a first hand basis.  Following this meeting a detailed yet simple language quotation with options available will be drawn up.  It is necessary to customize each quotation because each business is different.  A hardware store has different needs than a restaurant which has different needs than a dentist.  Added to this, with 350+ and growing social media platforms available there are obviously some more customized to each industry than others.

After the quotation step, Suddcorp Solutions moves forward with the step by step implementation phases of "Start Up", "Day to Day Posting" and "Adding Bells & Whistles" to these platforms.  Start up entails registering the profile, uploading pictures and everything before the first post.  Day to day to posting goes over what each business could post on and how to respond to comments from other social media users.   Finally "Adding Bells & Whistles" revolves around finding how to make your social platform even better by adding photos, calendars or something else that makes the specific business shine.

As of today and into the future, Suddcorp Solutions is there for you to provide honest yet affordable step by step planned services in plain language. We want to work with you every step of the way to make your social media solution a success.

- Michael Suddard, Founder & Owner of Suddcorp Solutions.

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