Monday, June 2, 2014

Catch up With Suddcorp Solutions on Social Media

Suddcorp Solutions loves to be up to date on the latest goings on in the world of social media and technological innovations.  We also love to interact with our customers using a variety of social media platforms and tools.  Want to know how we use our social media tools and possibly which platform we currently use that may be the perfect use for you?  See below....

Our blog, which you are currently reading, showcases the latest on Suddcorp Solutions' services, client portfolio highlights, tips & tricks and more.  We felt the blog should have a prominent spot right on our front page to keep our customers up to date.

Our Facebook & Google Plus pages are great to follow for notifications when the latest blog entries are posted as well as respond to intriguing questions from our followers.  Feel free to post a question and we would be happy to respond with either an answer from ourselves or a linke to an article from an expert who has answered your query. As well, Suddcorp often confirms our attendance at various events on Facebook or Google+ so be sure to follow and we hope to see you around!

Connect with us on Linkedin to see the latest updates from the Blog and get further insight into the people that work here by checking out and connecting with their profiles.

Looking for the latest news on social media?  Be sure to follow us on Twitter where we share the latest updates in the world of social media that concentrates on how it affects consumers and businesses in the Ottawa area in terms of changes, interesting ideas and how social media can improve business.

If Social Media is a little too intimidating for you, but would love a little help, we have the usual ways to connect with us conveniently found on our "Contact Us" page.

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