Friday, July 11, 2014

A Haven of Fun at eSAX Networking

Wednesday evening Suddcorp Solutions had the great opportunity to attend July's eSAX networking event at Funhaven.  We were lucky to win free tickets to the event at a previous OSEB networking event, and shared the tickets with Cheryl of Blackpaw Biscuits

This being our first eSAX event, Suddcorp Solutions was not sure what to expect. We arrived at Funhaven at the appointed hour to find a room slowly filling with excited entrepreneurs.  Some of the attendees we already recognized and some we didn't but were willing to meet!

Blair Kilrea of @TheSpace 
As well, there were several tables set up with interesting businesses like Accountapotamus, Bird's Eye Marketing and Taggart Paralegal to name a few.  Tasty snacks were also to be found as Funhaven staff mingled with everything from pizza slices, deserts and more throughout the evening.  

Eventually the chairs were set out and it was time for the featured speakers to take the stage. 

eSAX entrepreneurial attendees taking their seats.
Dylan Black of Boom 99.7 FM Radio in Ottawa was the MC and kept things moving along with his trademark voice while eSAX founder Jarrod Goldsmith, Julie Clement of Nepean Chamber of Commerce, Adam Dufresne of Rhapsody Strategies and  Carlo Lombard of Progressive Shift provided entrepreneurial words of wisdom. 

Beyond the speakers and networking opportunities, Twitter was alight with the #ESAX hashtag trending.  Suddcorp Solutions was added to the Twitter excitement by tweeting several photos as the event progressed. 

Carlo Lombard of Progressive Shift

Near the end of the event, Suddcorp Solutions was debating if it was worthwhile to return. One of the last portions of the day sealed it for us.   Suddcorp Solutions won 2 tickets for October 2014 eSAX event for having some of the most Retweets!  So we definitely will be returning to try eSAX again!

Our Prize thanks to Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX!
Thanks to Jarrod Goldsmith and the entire eSAX team for putting on a great networking event as well as a fun evening out!  Be sure to find Jarrod throughout the Ottawa area at networking events as all you have do to do is "Find the Fedora".

Jarrod Goldsmith of eSAX with Fedora

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