Monday, August 11, 2014

Client Portfolio: A LinkedIn Solution for Curb Signs Inc.

Curb Signs Inc. is a well known printer and installer of signage for the development and retail sectors within the Greater Toronto Area. As a company in a business to business relationship a professional online brand is needed.

The first step was the development of a new website to properly explain what products and services the company provides but to also showcase some of the major projects completed.With the development of the website, a new branding message moving the company from a theme of a trustworthy growing family owned company to that of an industry leader was undertaken.  With the transition to a theme of an industry leader with the latest technology and expertise at their fingertips, a state of the art website was needed which the website development company delivered in spades.

In terms of social media, Curb Signs' Linkedin proved to be an interesting puzzle to solve. The end goal was having the existing company page updated with the new Curb Signs brand and be easily updated in the future with the latest company news and information.

A whole series of logistical problems resulted that together we strategically worked through:

The first problem was the company wanted the option to give it's administration staff the ability to complete updates to the Linkedin company page. There were two solutions available to resolve this issue.

1. Have a single administration staff member authorized to make the changes via their profile.

2. Create a LinkedIn account that the company would retain the login and password for to take into account any staff turnover.

Option #2 was selected as the administration staff retains a list of logins and passwords to all company online accounts for easy access. Also, if there is staff turnover the account is not lost or orphaned if the former employee ever left the company.  Finally, changing account passwords was far easier for each online profile than having to figure out how to change the access levels within the different company social media pages.

The next problem was how is structured.  Traditionally, Linkedin accounts are associated with personal profiles only and not companies. Companies can have pages created but they must be administered by via an account with a personal profile.   This presented a somewhat unique challenge yet an opportunity.

Curb Signs Inc. created "a personal profile" in order to adjust the company page to the new brand. The personal page also provided the opportunity to showcase the company's industry expertise through strategic links to portfolio picture albums, awards and company rankings in important products and services within the industry.  The company's "personal profile" also meant the company could connect with other Linkedin users to:

  •  Be part of their personal professional directory to access when Curb Signs' services or products are needed.
  • Provide endorsements and recommendations (testimonials)  about how great the company is in a prominent online location. 
The new personal profile provided a unique opportunity to showcase the company's award winning industry experience with many prominent Greater Toronto Area homebuilders. The added value of this Linkedin company "personal profile" configuration? Linkedin is fairly well optimized for search engine results (SEO).  This means not only would the company's regular company profile probably be present on the first page of search engine results, so would Curb Signs' new "personal profile".

The final stage was updating the company branding on the traditional Linkedin company page for Curb Signs Inc. This was going to be a key page as it was not only likely to show on the first page of Google search results, but it was likely to be seen by many prospective clients. The company page had several purposes, to professionally explain and show what the company does but also be optimized with keywords for search engines to pick up.

The company branded biography already existed on the new website.  However, it was too long for's limitations for company pages. This lead to the company biography being edited down to a more succinct biographical paragraph which also contained several important keywords. Keywords were also carefully integrated into specialties section with the careful selection of products or services labels included. With 40 current followers and increasing, the company page will be a key spot for the company to post updates on it's latest projects as well as new products and services.  These updates can, in turn, be also shared through the company's new "personal profile" to those connections as well. 

Curb Signs Inc. now has a prime professional profile to engage on LinkedIn to build a positive professional business to business relationship in their target market of the home development and retail industries in the Toronto area. By further leveraging Linkedin services in groups, adding testimonials and more Curb Signs Inc. can come further strengthen it's brand as a knowledgeable leading edge trustworthy sign company that has and will continue to work with the large developers and design companies. 

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