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Writing vs Editing Content

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Recently Suddcorp Solutions has received inquiries about writing services for both individuals and businesses who need content writing services for written content for a variety of industries (e.g. science, construction, technology, etc.).  As well, some are inquiring about ways to turn their already drafted content into something fit for posting onto their social media feeds and promoted correctly. So what are the options for both of these types of customers?

Editing services provide a solution for both of these companies.  The individuals and businesses are experts in their subject matter through extensive schooling and/or experience.  However, these customers may need a little help ensuring their writing is coherent and understandable for their audience. Audience is very important for communicating via writing purposes as sometimes there is a need to explain an industry concept to others outside the industry who may have limited knowledge.  For example, perhaps an environmental consultant needs to explain to a prospective buyer what needs to happen to remedy a gas tank leak before the buyer purchases the property.  Sure the environmental consultant could explain using various complex scientific concepts but the purchaser may only want to know that there is contaminated soil with gas and who to call to remedy the situation. An editor can review the environmental report and include the necessary scientific explanation but also ensure the recommendations for remediation are easily explainable so the purchaser can clearly understand that they need to contact a remediation company who specializes in a certain gas removal process. Thus, having a second pair of eyes review the written content like a quotation or article will help ensure the target audience would understand the message and not get frustrated.

Editing services provide savings for those that can write their own content but need to ensure the content is coherent in order to be published.  Social media content easily falls into this area as many clients know how to write content for their industry but may need assistance in widening their audience to those outside the industry.  Instead of paying the usually more expensive content writing rate for a complete research, draft and edit process, a usually more economical editing rate to have a professional edit the existing content applies.  What are the savings?  A ballpark savings on editing might be 50% or more in comparison to the hourly rate a professional writer might charge to research and write the article from scratch.

Editing services also provide increased revenue opportunities.  In many cases a prospective client may not consider a business' product or services if the client is unable to understand what is being offered at what price.  A proposal or marketing message that is clear and comprehensible is what is needed.  This allows the prospective client to understand what is being offered at what price.  These may lead the prospective customer to contact the business, iron out a few last details and order.  However, if a customer is unable to understand a marketing message or written proposal, they are more likely to go elsewhere to find a business who can communicate clearly with them and service their needs.  Therefore, for businesses it is important to ensure their marketing messages and proposals are clearly worded and understandable so client is less likely to look elsewhere.

Editing services may just be the perfect fit for consultants looking to startup their own company.  With many startups money is tight but this conflicts with getting a clear message out into the marketplace to generate sales.  Editing provides that savings because the consultant can draft the original message that is technically sound while the editor can ensure the concept or message is clearly worded and understandable for the startup's target market. Thus, the startup enjoys both savings from by writing itself but also ensures the message is being put forward in a clear manner.

Editing provides both savings to the client but also a clear message crafted for a target audience.  Whether it be a technical report, blog entry or quotation, having a understandable message will ensure prospective clients will be interested in a business' product or service.  Editing also ensures the message can be understood by the widest number of people and, thus, number of prospective clients possible at a more economical price than writing from scratch.

Have a message that needs to be edited for company correspondence, proposals or even the web? Contact Suddcorp Solutions as we can help!

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