Monday, September 1, 2014

Client Portfolio: Curb Signs Inc's Rejuvenated Facebook Business Page

Curb Signs Inc. is a well known printer and installer of signage for the development and retail sectors within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  As a company in a business to business (B2B) relationship, a professional online brand is needed.

After re-energizing the company's Linkedin profiles and arranging the behind the scenes necessities for administrative access, we turned our attention to Curb Signs Inc.'s Facebook page.

The Facebook page needed attention as it had not been updated since January 2014.  But before resuming regular content posting, a full Facebook profile audit and editing process was needed.  This required:

  • Removing all spam content that others had posted to the page during the period of dormancy. 
  • Updating company contact information. 
  • Renew company branding on the "About" section
  • Adding a link to company Twitter feed to notify others of company Twitter account
  • Edited and added text descriptions to existing photo albums. 

Why do all of this?  A clean and organized social media profile is a great canvas to build upon.  Figuring out what is already valuable and rearranging existing information was important as well.  A clean, informative and attractive business page provides a great resource for prospective clients to learn what the company does and see some prime examples of finished projects.  

During this editing process, one of the most important steps was the photo updates.  Organizing the albums so each project's photos were in one photo album and clearly labelled and located whenever possible was important.  This allows the prospective clients to visit some of Curb Signs' completed projects in person.  

An added bonus was taking advantage of Facebook's optimized search engine capabilities.  By properly labeling the albums and adding photo captions to the existing photos, Curb Signs Facebook page albums are now ranking on the first page for many of the developer's site developments. This allows Curb Signs to draw attention to their work at each one of their clients' development sites throughout the GTA. 

Ongoing posting was the next task.  Creating visual content was pretty easy for Curb Signs as their signage is meant to be of a highly visual nature. Reviewing and  uploading newly finished project photos was simple enough to do.  But we added an extra spin, tagging the development site's Facebook pages and Tweeting out the link as well.  By tagging the developers' Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, Curb Signs Inc. could highlight their contributions to the developer. 

The involvement of the developer's social media accounts also encouraged sharing of Curb Signs Inc's content with their followers.  But most important was sharing the company's work with others at developer's marketing department.  Quite often in the industry each developer has a separate employee or team looking after each individual development site. These teams quite often end up siloed in thinking by concentrating on their own development sites due to their geographical and logistical separation from their cohorts.  Therefore, it was important to Curb Signs Inc. to ensure their work was showcased as widely as possible so other development site staff could see the quality as well.  

By engaging in Facebook, Curb Signs Inc. took advantage of both Facebook's  Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) and the visual nature the platform possesses to showcase their products.  In the future, new content will be added as the company's blog is rolled out.  Engaging in Facebook, once the set up is complete, provides this company with an effectively visual method for this company to engage with both current and prospective clients. 

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