Monday, September 8, 2014

What is a Social Media Audit?

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Many use Social Media to communicate with customers or provide feedback to businesses. There are strategies and techniques that businesses can use to attract a following, maintain connections/followers and build a community.  How can businesses know they are doing this successfully? Can social media channels be re-energized?  Can businesses tweak their current profiles to perform even better?

The answer is: YES!

Suddcorp Solutions provides a full review of your online presence from your website to your social media. Consider it like an audit.  No, not a Canada Revenue Agency Tax Audit, but a friendly review of your web presence by an outside pair of eyes to provide suggestions on how to improve your current presence.

Our main focus is looking at your online presence from a customer's perspective. Quite often those involved in your business know the jargon, what the business does and what products and services are offered. But how about a prospective customer seeing you for the first time?  What are customers going to learn about your business from what they currently see?  Do your competitors do this better? Is there another example of a business in another industry that does something innovative that could fit your business' online presence?  Answers to all these questions, and others, form the basis of our recommendations. 

Additionally Suddcorp Solutions will investigate how both your website and social media appear in search.  Prospective customers are also looking for you online via search engines like Google. This investigation leads to a two pronged review of search terms.  It boils down to:

1. What common searches are there involving your business name? i.e. "McDonald's Ottawa Hours"

2. What common search terms in your industry are customers using to find information or products/services? 

Obviously,  your company's web presence should appear when customers are searching for topics in the above and answer the relevant customer queries.  We will provide suggestions on how to improve your presence so prospective customers can easily find what they are looking for and, thus, are more likely to become customers.

Finally, we turn to a social media focus. Sure all of the above is relevant to social media as platforms like Facebook provide an opportunity to provide it.  But we can also investigate if your company's presence is slotted correctly in directories, following leading people in your place and providing content suggestions to increase readership instead of losing it. We'll also provide suggestions on what topics would add more value to your social media platforms and what frequency is optimal.  Properly using social media can increase your following and, in turn, the number of customers who come through your door.  

A review of your website and social media presence is key to a successful online business presence. Having an experienced outside pair of eyes review your business' online communication foundation and strategies is key.  They can make suggestions on what currently is doing well, what to add and what to remove from your website.  Making key information that customers are looking for easy to find also means they are less likely to be frustrated and, in turn, heading to your competitors. The auditing process may also identify key information that your company is currently not providing and, by making tweaks, may attract the attention of even more prospective customers.  Make sure your online process is operating at peak performance by having a web and social media audit today!

Suddcorp Solutions is ready to take a look under the hood of your website and social media presence from a customer's perspective.  We'll gladly provide recommendations on how to improve your web presence and guidance on how to implement them successfully.

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