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CASE STUDY: Why allow others to tag photos in Facebook?

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Social Media provides plenty of opportunities for interactions between not only users but also businesses and their customers.  Suddcorp Solutions attended both the July and October 2014 eSAX events.  Jarrod Goldsmith, the founder of eSAX, uses a number of social media platforms to promote his quarterly networking events.  As well, during these events many attendees take photos of others and the event venue.  

In order to promote the next event, Jarrod usually goes in search of previous event photos to show how successful the past event was. He found an easy to way to tap into the supply of photos of past events through Facebook. Invite those that took photos at the previous events to e-mail them in and he would upload them to the eSAX Facebook Album for the event. As a reward, the business would be credited, with a link to their company Facebook page, in the photo description. Great! Jarrod now has a large number photos to promote future events through uploading previous event photos, but how else to increase interaction?

One way to both increase the value of the previous events photos was to allow others to tag themselves in the photos.  The value comes down to two reasons:
  • Those reviewing the photos may see someone they know in the photo and inquire if they found the event to be worthwhile. 
  • Encourage interaction with the photos by attendees through either tagging themselves and others or see which photo they had been tagged in. 
Tagging photos in Facebook is a great way to promote interaction with customers and remind them of a positive experience.  Jarrod's eSAX tagging methods, for example helps to remind previous attendees of the positive experience eSAX was and share it with others. 
What is a "tag"?  In Facebook at "tag" is when someone draws a square, usually around a person's face and labels who this is.  If tagging someone other than yourself, that person will receive a Facebook notification letting them know someone tagged them with a link to the photo.  


How do you allow photos to be tagged by others on your business page?

1. While logged in and on your business page, click Settings.

2. Click Tagging Ability

3. Click to check the box next to Allow others to tag photos and video posted by [Page name]

4. Click Save Changes
Note: You'll need to be an administrator rights for the page to complete the above. 

Tagging photos of yourself at business events shows your company is out and about.  As well, it helps promote the event you are at. 

Need help with Facebook? Suddcorp Solutions can help you every step of the way with setting up Facebook right for you!

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