Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Client Portfolio: Bird's Eye Marketing's Website

Bird's Eye Marketing Logo

Bird's Eye Marketing is a leading Ottawa area company at implementing Google Analytics for medium and small businesses so that they can make improved business decisions. The company's owner, David Bird, is regarded as a leader in Analytics implementation having been invited to present at conferences in Boston, Ottawa and Montreal.  As well, David has been invited to provide educational seminars to both the Ontario OSEB program and the City of Ottawa's Invest Ottawa.

The company came looking for assistance with web content before launching their newly improved website. All the text was neatly laid out in a Microsoft Word document complete with meta tags and other descriptors.  Bird's Eye Marketing needed to provide a clear message on a difficult internet concept to the average website visitor: Google Analytics and why correct implementation mattered. The company knows Google Analytics inside and out, but wanted a second pair of eyes to review the content before handing it over to a webmaster for final upload.

Suddcorp Solutions reviewed the proposed page layouts and asked a couple of questions before starting.  We wanted to know to familiarize ourselves with a few things including:

1. What exactly does Bird's Eye marketing do in Google Analytics?

2.  Is there a step by step process that customers can work through in implementing Google Analytics with Bird's Eye Marketing?

We wanted some depth into what exactly Bird's Eye Marketing provides before we moved forward with editing the pages.

The next task was to take a look at each page from a customer's point of view.  How would a customer visiting the main page understand what exactly Bird's Eye Marketing is all about?  Gradually we worked our way through doing the following:
  • Recommending changes to text to make it clearer for the average reader to understand. 
  • Rearranging content and sections into a more logical sequence. 
  • Providing notes on recommended changes and why they were made.
  • Asked questions about Google Analytics features to see if it was technically possible to provide an option to customers either now or, after a bit of development, in the future. 
  • Provided suggestions on how to promote the new website's first blog entry online using social media.
In the end, Bird's Eye Marketing now has a website that is both visually attractive, yet explains what the company does in an easy to understand manner.  The company is now doing quite well after the launch of their new website.  In fact, they were so impressed with how the website turned out, the owner provided a Linkedin Testimonial:

Need help with your website content? Suddcorp Solutions can help write or edit your website content so customer's will have a clear understanding what you do!

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